Patient: Female, mid-twenties.

Initial Symptoms: Allergies, body pain.

We worked for roughly one year on allergies, which had improved significantly. She was still getting a histamine response to certain allergens but there was a lot less sneezing, runny nose, exhaustion. She was able to function much better and had a lot more resilience. Some of her body pain had resolved pretty quickly and some she had to work with strengthening exercises and modify her physical exercise regime. She was doing much better overall and happy with the treatments.

It was a this time that we switched our focus to a different symptom, ravenous appetite , energy decrease, irritability, and mood changes at certain times in her longer than 28 day menstrual cycle.

We had incorporated this new symptom into treatment and worked with it for a few months. There was some change but we were looking for more. I had decided to apply some specific acu-points that I recently learned about from a lecture by Jeffrey Yuen. She wondered why these points would work and we talked at length about the answer. This client was/is especially inquisitive and I can never refuse an opportunity to talk (and talk) about Chinese Medicine. She also inquired about what I had meant in the last treatment when I spoke about an emotional connection to the physical symptom. I had encouraged her to investigate her emotional climate related to this symptom and suggested she journal to sort out and get clear on this topic.

Physical symptoms are often linked to an emotional/ mental expression. As the physical symptom is resolved the body-mind will bring our attention via dreams, memories and experiences to that emotional energy that is attached. Once the emotional energy becomes conscious, the symptom can begin to fully resolve. Once I explained this to my client, she said that this was exactly what was happening to her now.

I introduced her to the energetic function of the Large Intestine and Lung meridians. Large Intestine or LI, sorts the waste from nutrients, absorbing what is useful to the body and letting go of the waste.  Lung or Lu, the pair of LI, connects us to Heaven (Heaven can be interpreted in whichever way that resonates with each person, other examples are God, the individual, Spirit energy etc.).  Lu and LI are about expressing yourself innate self and being who you are, here in the world.

At this time, I needled some moving Lu and LI points. I highlighted, a point called Middle Palace, which is about honoring your own preciousness. She rested on the table for a chunk of time and I took the needles out. When we wrapped up, I reviewed the concepts that we had explored once more and she left the office with a lot to contemplate.

Notice that in this case she did not give me the exact details of her process. She alluded to what the issue was with-out giving the details. I encouraged her to speak to friends or family about these topics and made sure that she had support, but it was different from traditional therapy.


Post by Jipala

Jipala R. Kagan is a healer and a writer. She is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and a NCCAOM Diplomat. Her work emphasizes Emotional/Spiritual Acupuncture, Trauma Recovery and Muscular-skeletal Relief. She has a working knowledge of Western Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Nutritional Supplements, Dietary, Lifestyle and Energetic counseling.