We are now in the full stride of Fire time, the heat is on, this is where the rubber meets the road. Everything is at the height of openness, the most Yang state. It is time to connect and engage. It is no mistake that these fiery inclinations are synchronized with the events that are currently transpiring around us on both micro and macro- levels.
How are we going to let our hearts direct us in truth and action? How do we stay open and not shut down in the face of the unthinkable? In what way do we use our voices to be effective? How can we do this and maintain our own safety?
These questions hail straight from the realm of Fire. And the response…
Fire opens it’s big mouth and unfurls a long red tongue, the answer it joyfully laughs is love.
Fire non-discriminantly pours it’s warmth into everyone and everything, permeating all and helping everything flow. It is the time to emulate fire and use the energy of love to heal.

Post by Jipala

Jipala R. Kagan is a healer and a writer. She is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and a NCCAOM Diplomat. Her work emphasizes Emotional/Spiritual Acupuncture, Trauma Recovery and Muscular-skeletal Relief. She has a working knowledge of Western Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Nutritional Supplements, Dietary, Lifestyle and Energetic counseling.