Try this exercise: say this “I am precious and you are precious. I am precious, you are precious. We are all precious”. This is based off, Chogyam Trungpa’s concept of Basic Goodness, we were all born whole, with no marks to defect us. As we grow up here in this Western culture, they tell us we are defective, mostly because someone wants us to be weak, so that we are easier to control. They told us we were not precious because they want to make money off us. They wanted to abuse us and let us flatter their shallow egos. If we knew we were precious and could rely on our internal power and guiding principles, then we cannot be swayed easily. We would not be nearly as gullible. I know this as truth and yet I still can not totally surmount the hurdle of precious enough. I am a little stumped…

I read once ( from Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee) that because the Feminine energy had been assaulted so continuously for so many thousands of years, that we best be on guard for the reckless revenge that she will mercilessly dump on us. I think that may be starting to happen and we better watch out. The mercurial scorn of the Feminine, this may be the only kind of force that can break down the established order of power, and clear the slate. This may be the beginning of something very different. But for the time being, remember that you are enough and you did fine, and you are precious. No matter what marks you wear. I think if we can all practice this, then it will grow.

Post by Jipala

Jipala R. Kagan is a healer and a writer. She is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and a NCCAOM Diplomat. Her work emphasizes Emotional/Spiritual Acupuncture, Trauma Recovery and Muscular-skeletal Relief. She has a working knowledge of Western Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Nutritional Supplements, Dietary, Lifestyle and Energetic counseling.