Interview with Annick Magac

We had such a good time discussing acupuncture and living in this interview. Thank you Annick. I think this may have been the best interview, that I have ever done. Please take a look: Or go to You Tube and search Annick or myself. Blessings

Transformation of the 5 Spirit Energies.

Totally Loving the sentiment of Transformation. Especially the trends of (inner) emotional imbalance into Revolution-al Action. It is about time, Baby.  This is based on the work of Thea Elijah, Lonny Jarrett and a tiny bit of me. Transformation of The Spirit Energies- imbalance into action.  SHEN/FIRE- Apathy into Spark- Sovereignty of the Heart directed […]

Green Life

The scent of Spring: smells like wet dirt, birds are loud and chirpy, the sun is stronger and there are signs of green life brewing at our feet. There is also this feeling, one of movement and an impending push forward. The season of Wood, growth and generated energy that transforms into Form. Some people […]

Mercy of the inquisitor

“..because medicine always reflects cosmology, the values, beliefs and assumptions that a culture holds about the meaning of nature of life, the universe and being human.” Thea Elijah So nothing, not even Science is absolute, everything can be re-written. All understanding is a the mercy of the inquisitor.