Outcome Successful

“I started acupuncture with Jipala in the fall of 2017 because I was about to have surgery to remove my thyroid. A friend recommended her to me as a way of preparing for and healing from the procedure. My outcome was so successful that I continued working with Jipala on my other health goals. At […]


Huang Di “What do you mean by Shen, or Spirit?” Qi Bo “Shen is something that you will recognize in the patient’s eyes. But the true vision is through your own eyes. What you receive as messages, your heart will understand. You can then visualize the patient’s condition in your mind. You can intuitively know […]

Sympathy and Empathy

An honest discussion of Earth season would have to include both Sympathy (with-feeling) and Empathy (in-feeling). The most defining quality of an Earth imbalance is the mixing up of messages sent and received by the part of us the interprets feeling. Earth is a container. in proper function, it will be a solid nourishing vessel […]

Cora and Demeter

On a Goddess kick. We are going to talk about the pre-patriarchal story of Persephone and Demeter. In this tale Persephone goes by the name of Cora, which means maiden. Demeter is another way of saying Earth-Mother. In the most well known version of this myth. Cora is dragged down into the underworld against her […]