Remarkable Practitioner

Remarkable Practitioner Jipala is highly skilled at treating a broad variety of health concerns. An advantage to acupuncture, of course, is that the practitioner can treat the whole person, focusing on several ailments at once. To put it bluntly, this saves time and money. More importantly, though, her treatments are so effective. If find that […]

Appreciation and Respect

Sculpture By Joy Brown NYC 2018 Jipala has treated many members of my family spanning three generations. She is an excellent listener and practitioner and treats the whole person, paying attention to many details after a conversation and review at the beginning of each session. She is caring, skilled and intuitive and her treatment room […]

Reaching Beyond Traditional Acupuncture

Jipala is incredibly intuitive and professional – reaching beyond traditional acupuncture. Her experience, talent, and wisdom continues to help me through both physical and spiritual issues, allowing me to create a path towards healing and well-being in my everyday life. M.M

She’s The Best

“I’ve been seeing Jipala religiously for some years now. At first it was about aches and pains and now those inevitable byproducts of life are but a footnote to my regular sessions. Jipala has taken the time to get to know the real me, he who lives behind the mask, and that’s who she treats […]