Article in LivingNow

My friend and I collaborated on an article about emotional trauma and recovery. It was just published in an Australian magazine called Living Now. Please enjoy. Returning to wholeness


I was thinking that I would like to represent the essence of this time of year with a symbol. The next thing I knew, was an open book on my lap and The Goddess Lilith looking at me. She made it pretty clear that she was up for the job. She is a Sumero-Babylonian Goddess. […]

Radio Show

I was interviewed on Kingston Radio by Yogi Shawn Harrison, it played on Sunday July 8. A fun talk about the five elements. The link is here: Happy Listening.

The Love of Fire Time

We are now in the full stride of Fire time, the heat is on, this is where the rubber meets the road. Everything is at the height of openness, the most Yang state. It is time to connect and engage. It is no mistake that these fiery inclinations are synchronized with the events that are […]