Mercy of the inquisitor

“..because medicine always reflects cosmology, the values, beliefs and assumptions that a culture holds about the meaning of nature of life, the universe and being human.” Thea Elijah So nothing, not even Science is absolute, everything can be re-written. All understanding is a the mercy of the inquisitor.

What is Transpersonal Acupuncture?

A psychological form of acupuncture based in Chinese medical philosophy, combing Five element principles and Western psychology. An interpersonal model, that draws one out of the self to connect, reflect and heal within a relationship.  A model of healing that sees you and supports energetic integration and embodiment. 

Teaching the Five Elements

I had the pleasure of teaching a class on the Five elements to students and faculty at Hudson Valley Sudbury School. It was a great pleasure and lots of fun. Everyone learned a lot.

The Reflection of People-Kind

“The microcosm of mankind was associated with the macrocosm of the universe, which were said to demonstrate the systematic correspondences between the visible and the invisible worlds. Human pain and pathology were attributed to disturbances in the flow of Qi..” Terry Oleson  My interpretation, the single human is a reflection of all the integrated energies […]