Case Study Series: Healing is a process of discovery

“Never put a needle in a patient until you’ve already done the treatment.” – Bob Duggan L.Ac My patient was a woman in her mid- thirties, mother of three , occupation care giver.  She presented with symptoms of pain in the lower left abdomen, reoccurring vomiting and diarrhea, especially after eating. We worked with diet […]

Metal Time

“The essence which is distilled from rotting and dead matter is the essence which the Metal element itself represents.” – J. R. Worsley Sometime around the middle of October, we wake up and notice a chill in the air. The leaves are half-way fallen from the trees and there is a deep melancholic feeling at […]

Water Time

The word Winter translates into “time of water”. This season announces itself with frost on the car and a crunching sound underfoot. Then the freezing rain, sleet and snow come down from the clouds to cleanse the earth of debris left-over from Autumn. A clear cold stillness is ever-present as we proceed into the deepest […]