Acupuncture and Disease

“In the most ancient acupuncture texts it is stated that if the mental state is at peace and equilibrated the person is less, indeed not all, subject to illness… He or she will be susceptible to no disease, even infections. This proposition is quite absolute.”1 The first question that comes to mind after reading this […]

An Unfolding Heart

A female client in her late forties. Primary Symptoms: Left shoulder pain with tingling and numbness down arm into hand. Secondary Symptoms: Menopause, Left foot restless, Right and Left imbalance, Digestive disturbances. This client and I have worked together on and off since 2004. The most recent piece of work took place in a series […]

Case Study #4

Patient: Male in mid-forties. History: Emotional and physical trauma. Symptom: Acid Reflux This patient and I have been working together for a couple of years. The focus of treatment has spanned the gambit; neck and shoulder pain as well as a constant reorganizing and balancing of his psycho-emotional health. He concurrently works with a very […]

Case Study #3

Patient: Female, mid-twenties. Initial Symptoms: Allergies, body pain. We worked for roughly one year on allergies, which had improved significantly. She was still getting a histamine response to certain allergens but there was a lot less sneezing, runny nose, exhaustion. She was able to function much better and had a lot more resilience. Some of […]