The Reckless Revenge Of The Feminine

Try this exercise: say this “I am precious and you are precious. I am precious, you are precious. We are all precious”. This is based off, Chogyam Trungpa’s concept of Basic Goodness, we were all born whole, with no marks to defect us. As we grow up here in this Western culture, they tell us […]

Precious Hag

The lovely wise and fierce Hag. The one we are all afraid of finding in the woods, because she will eat our hearts or the one that we shudder to become ourselves. The Hag is not limited by romantic love, she is not bound to her children for an identity. She is not even successful […]

Primal Interconnectedness

“Authentic and lasting healing does not come prepackaged as sweet and syrupy wisdom to spoon-fed to lost souls, nor does it aim to fix what we perceive as broken. True healing is born of both awareness and integration- nothing more and nothing less. True healing is an eternal, often cyclical process through which we discover […]

Take or Yield

A client helped me formulate this one, (you know who you are)… thank you very much. A musing on general established patterns that swirl around us, some people are taught to take whatever they want and some are taught to yield to the former. Neither approach works well and this pattern has been the instigator […]