Jipala is a Gift

“Jipala has helped me improve several areas in my life, both through talking and her acupuncture. She’s intuitive, intelligent, and sensitive. She strives to understand what I need to work on each time I visit, and every time I leave, I feel more aware of my role in, and my reaction to, the world. Her […]


Immersed in an amazing text about trauma recovery by Ross Rosen. He is calling trauma, heart shock ( a term he borrowed from Chinese Medicine). This is a text written for practitioners, not the lay-studier. But I feel compelled to speak out and inform all interested parties, heart-sickness is something that most of us are […]

Article in LivingNow

My friend and I collaborated on an article about emotional trauma and recovery. It was just published in an Australian magazine called Living Now. Please enjoy. Returning to wholeness


I was thinking that I would like to represent the essence of this time of year with a symbol. The next thing I knew, was an open book on my lap and The Goddess Lilith looking at me. She made it pretty clear that she was up for the job. She is a Sumero-Babylonian Goddess. […]