I first came to Jipala at Transpersonal Acupuncture with a specific health complaint, but what happened over the next few months through acupuncture was a cascade effect. It was quite surprising. I would describe the treatment and the whole process as untangling a knot. My physical and mental wellbeing are restored and I have a whole new way of thinking about maintaining my health.” – K.M.

“My first experience with an acupuncturist made me skeptical of the holistic practice. The practitioner was hard to understand and I didn’t feel comfortable or have a connection with him. After one session, I gave up. Fast forward a year and I found myself with a lingering headache from a concussion. Knowing that my primary care doctor wouldn’t be able to help me in a way that would avoid multiple X-rays and drugs, I decided to pursue alternative healing again.

In my research to find a new acupuncturist, Jipala Kagan came highly recommended. As soon as I walked into her office I knew I had made the right decision to see her, what I did not know was how much my life was about to change.

Jipala welcomed me warmly and immediately put me at ease. All my hesitations about acupuncture immediately melted away. Jipala stands out from her peers in her ability to listen and discern what needs to be treated; explaining her actions along the way. While I initially came in to deal with a physical pain, my treatments have taken me on a journey of healing both in body and spirit. Although Jipala would never take credit for it, as she says “You do the work. I just support you.”, the changes she has effected in my life have been profound. Her practice is titled Transpersonal Acupuncture which meant little to me when I first visited. Now, I realize that is exactly what I was looking for two years ago. With Jipala’s “support”, I have awakened in my life and am so much more in touch with my body and soul, which has lead me to be healthier physically and clearer mentally. I can never thank Jipala enough for her exceptional work.
– A.M.

“Thank you so much for your session last week! It felt good to be able to share one of my biggest concerns and have it addressed through the treatment and the follow up remedy. I thank you for the previous watershed session that truly helped me unlock a lifetime block and aided in dramatic healing. Thank you, thank you! You’ve been a blessing in so many ways!” – D.J

“Jipala R. Kagan is not just an acupuncturist, she’s a healer. As an incest and rape survivor, I have long sought a practitioner who could help heal the root of the trauma to my body-mind, not just the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Jipala is that practitioner and I recommend her frequently to those whose ailments have resulted from trauma.” – A.C

“I felt I have to let you know how much I appreciate your work. Coming to you for acupuncture has proven to be a good decision on my part, as it is one place I feel I can come in, talk about myself, through my eyes, and my place in the world and everything in it (around me). And be heard to such a degree that you are able to relate to what I am saying to points on/in my body that are helpful to me in this process, I am undergoing in myself (with your help).” – K.V

“To all those out there that have a fear of needles, DON’T!! When I talk to people who are seeking some form of therapy for what ails them. I tell them I receive acupuncture treatments for my MIGRAINES. One of the first things they say is “I DON”T DO NEEDLES”. My response to them is you have never experienced the treatments administered by my acupuncturist, Jipala.  You should have “NO FEAR”. Thanks to Jipala’s uncanny understanding of the inner body, I went from Migraines every week at times two to three times a weeks plus three different types of medications – to a Migraine once a month or less and I only use my migraine medicine when absolutely necessary. She doesn’t just treat my migraines either I know she has helped straighten out my ‘Chi”. She has helped regulate my body. I could go on and on about all that she has for me.” – D.A

“Having finished a course of treatment with Jipala, I think that this was the first healthcare encounter I have had where a whole-person, “mind/body” healing was something I actually experiences in a personal and physical way, rather than as a general idea. While I originally came to acupuncture with a specific complaint (chronic headaches); we ended up addressing hormonal imbalances, PMS, and emotional issues such as anxiety and insecurity. Jipala was able to integrate the treatment of all these, see them as part of the same imbalance, and really to help me articulate what it was I wanted to work on.”  – E.J

Jipala’s method goes beyond treating symptoms; she takes the time to understand your issues holistically and makes adjustments accordingly. Her caring touch and healing knowledge incorporate your body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her services. – A.D

Jipala’s demonstrates a careful, informed approach to healing. She is remarkably present during succeeding moments of a treatment, enabling a high degree of responsiveness to my needs as a patient. She checks and rechecks pulses to ascertain the effects of her work. I feel as though my entire being, not just the body, are being addressed in every treatment, and I am always left uplifted and rejuvenated. I look forward with eagerness to each weekly session. – J.S

Jipala is a true Healer. Her treatments are not just physical, they work on the emotional and spiritual body as well. Each time I had a treatment I emerged with a beautiful, clear consciousness. – B.S

Last year, for months I was in real pain. I went to a traditional doctor, to a chiropractor and to a physical therapist for weeks and none of it helped. Then I made an appointment with Jipala. In one visit with her, my pain was gone! Though she down-plays it, for me she was like magic. Absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent on anything related to healing. She’s completely changed the way I think about healing. Acupuncture is no longer my last resort: it’s where I start. And Jipala’s way of being will put you at complete ease. – J.G

I have found Jipala’s approach and manner to acupuncture, and to wellness in general, to be direct and gentle. She is particularly receptive to the feelings of the person she is working with; straightforward and very caring. – S.C

At my first acupuncture visit I explained to Jipala Reicher-Kagan L.Ac the chronic pain that I had in both shoulders and in the left side of my neck. She assured me that in the first visit 50% of the pain in the shoulders would be gone, by the second visit the other 50% would be gone and the neck would probably take another visit. She was exactly right. For the first time in 20 years I am free from pain and I have full movement of my shoulders and neck. This to me was nothing short of a miracle. – M.R

I have been to acupuncturists in the past, even some Chinese doctors who are renowned in China as great doctors and teachers of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jipala’s method and treatment style far surpass my prior experiences with acupuncture. The Five Element approach was new to me and I found it to be powerful and effective in treating underlying imbalances that cause more superficial problems. Jipala is gentle and compassionate and receptive as a practitioner. She checks in with you. She checks your pulse throughout the treatment. It is never a one size treatment. It is always catered to what you need right now yet the treatment has an overall direction that is always being addressed. I always feel safe and at ease and completely taken care of. – M.V

Receiving acupuncture from Jipala helped so much. I had a lot of upper back and shoulder pain on one side of my body for over a year. I first went to a medical doctor who specialized in physical therapy; he did acupuncture as well, but his approach just wasn’t right for me. Jipala looked at and treated me as a whole person; I felt as if I was being healed from the inside out. I felt very safe and taken care of during her sessions. After a series of sessions my back and shoulder pain is gone. – M.S

I will be 59 tomorrow and am a very satisfied patient of Jipala. I went there with several ailments, mostly arthritis related. I had deep depression and lots of emotional pain as well as physical pain. Jipala started by just patiently listening to me. It meant the world to me and put me at ease to get ready for my doctoring. I was a regular there for quite a while. Each time I felt myself getting stronger and feeling much better about my self esteem. The atmosphere there was so surreal. I felt safe and loved for who I was and I knew I could trust her in every way. I would recommend anyone to her practice in a heartbeat. I am most gracious to have met her and will continue my recovery. – E. S

Over the years I have been to many acupuncturists, including some who are considered to be the best in the world. In searching for a local acupuncturist who could help me to control my adult onset diabetes, I found in Jipala, not just a proficient practitioner of this ancient form of medicine, but a real treasure as well! Hidden away in her small office in Uptown Kingston is a woman who truly practices acupuncture in its most holistic sense. Not only do Jipala’s sessions help me with my diabetes and my physical well being, but she has also helped me on emotional and spiritual levels in ways that have simply amazed me. I have watched lifelong phobias fade away. I have also gained a greater and wider understanding of my life and of my universe due to the work she has done with me. How lucky people are to find Jipala! They should thank the aches or pains or chronic conditions that bring them there! It is truly wonderful to experience her skill, knowledge and understanding of the human spirit. – F.G